SENSE COMMUNITIES is an online community qualitative research software, available for both companies and Research Agencies (see Services and Pricing for more details)

A fully equipped online community research platform, ready to support any kind of tasks: open discussions, quick polls, interactive visuals testing, pictures & video uploads and more.

SENSE COMMUNITIES is a research suitable for developing research studies of any duration and size, not being limited by the number of participants or page uploads. Available on mobile and desktop in any language upon request, SENSE COMMUNITIES can be used anywhere in the world.

Why Start an Online Community?
Be close to consumers in their natural environment
Capture real time & relevant insights
Fast & cost-effective tool for respondents covering wide areas at the same time
Create a community around the brand
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SENSE COMMUNITIES is an online qualitative research tool.
Invite new members
Invite new members - you can recruit from anywhere and add participants individually or bulk from spreadsheets.
Personalized profile for the participants
Personalized profile for the participants
Create new studies
Create new studies

Create your research or brand communities benefiting of the user-friendly platform.

A “fully equipped” research platform, ready to support any kind of research tasks: open discussions, quick polls, grids, image and video mark-up, journals, pictures and video uploads and more.

We know that keeping participants engaged can be challenging, so we used our expertise in designing a tool that solves this issue.

SENSE COMMUNITIES is a research tool suitable for developing research studies of any duration and size, not being limited by the number of participants or page uploads.

Available on mobile and desktop in Romanian and English, SENSE COMMUNITIES makes it easy to use anywhere in the world. The platform can support new languages, on request.

Observer account
Observer account
Branded design of the platform
Branded design of the platform
Research design
Research design
A few of the most common uses of SENSE COMMUNITIES:
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Main Functionalities
  • Personalize the look of the community editable pictures, fonts, logo and colors
  • Advanced management of tasks (timing schedule projects and activities)
  • Bulk invitation of new members (upload excel database)
  • Different types of questions for quantitative studies: open or close ended questions, single or multiple answers
  • Interactive testing of stimuli – heatmap and deep dive on visuals (like/dislikes)
  • Video and photo upload
  • Engagement system based on points and rankings, advanced participant’s profile description
  • Advanced analytics (real time dashboards, analysis based on segments)
  • Client account with private chat access to moderator and access to moderator “notes”
Unique Features

Branded online and mobile platform

Personalize the appearance of the studies according to your needs: fonts, colors & logo can be easily personalized form a menu you’re able to access any time

Two Main Areas

Research area with dedicated tools for intuitive and engaging qualitative and quantitative studies, fast dashboards

Ongoing socializing in the free chat area, where members engage in ways similar with social media: allowing 24/7 interaction, share of multimedia, rate comments, create new topics of discussions. This area is highly important for user generated content (“after study” discussions among participants, their peers’ opinions questioned etc.)

Multiple Studies
Multiple different studies online communities – can be added in the same time or consecutively. Multiple tasks permitted inside each study. Pre-scheduled release of projects and task to help with project management.
Diversified Research Tasks

Different types of tasks to engage the participants:

Open questions

Single & multiple answer questions

Interactive testing of stimuli – heatmap and deep dive on visuals


The platforms allows all types of content:

Message upload

Quick links

Photo/video upload


Engaging for the Participants

Participants can personalize their profile: add a picture/ avatar, add a description etc.

They can create new topics of discussion in the free discussion area.

They can rate answers/ comments.

The platform uses a gamification system: comprehensive incentives system based on points allocation for research completion, user generated content and other general events.

[ Output & Analysis ]

The possibility to filter the participants according to different criteria for relevant & fast analysis

The possibility to save bookmark and quotes with answers of the participants.

Clients have access to:

  • Online real time dashboards with participants’ answers, as well as moderator’s notes done in the platform.
  • Backroom conversations between client and moderator that are not visible to participants.
  • Therefore, you benefit from real time insights coming from the participants and real time analysis of the moderator.
  • Complex tools for insightful research experience
  • Interactive visuals tester (heat map)
  • Real time results with individual & aggregated answers.
  • Real time dashboards for clients
  • Bookmark quotes for the analysis
  • Graphic output
[ Services ]

Based on your needs, we can offer individual services to run your own project, an optional range of services or even full-service online communities research:

  • Sense Communities Technology. Customizable Online communities platform for rent (hosting included)
  • Sense Communities Platform Support. Training, pre-launch check and ongoing support.
  • Recruiting Services. We can recruit participants based on your target needs from over 40 milion online respondents in 80 countries through partner panels

✔ Research design

✔ Moderation

✔ Incentives

✔ Project management

✔ Reporting

[ Pricing ]
We offer several pricing models and you can choose the best one for your needs.
Project-based price with full access to our platform for a specific number of participants and duration, based on your needs.
Annual license Suitable for a long term ongoing research community. This license includes high discounts.
Multi community annual license Suitable for research agencies or end clients with more than two long term ongoing research communities. This type of license offers you unlimited number of studies that can be launched, with higher discounts.
You are eligible for a free trial. Please contact us for more information at:
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